Annuls [verb]

Definition of Annuls:

void an agreement

Synonyms of Annuls:

Opposite/Antonyms of Annuls:

Sentence/Example of Annuls:

The latter at once concludes and annuls totemic tribal organization.

Religion is the champion of Grace; it pours contempt on "Law," the stronghold of Morality, even annuls it.

This is rendered by Dr Stubbs in the margin: 'He annuls the truce and all the acts of the chancellor passed under the old seal.'

The reign of this democracy annuls differences of status, and insults over differences of ability or disposition.

It annuls former treaties, and establishes a postal arrangement between Pekin and Kiachta.

Here is my consent to a divorce—my full confession of the fraud which annuls the marriage.

These flying buttresses provide a counter-thrust which partly annuls that of the vault.

Promises were invalidated, though not always mutual contracts, by error; and fraud in the other party annuls a contract.

In short, the objector annuls an integral part of the system—makes a new law, and coolly metes out such penalty as he thinks fit.

Only one thing can destroy it and that is when it annuls its past and weakens at the heart.