Anointings [noun]

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After you touch him in anointing or in giving other Sacraments step away from him to say the necessary words.

He may wash his hands in bichloride solution after anointing a leper, but it is scarcely necessary to do even that.

Their anointing is the same, the golden chains shine on their arms, their spears sparkle.

It is worth noticing that in the New Testament the act of anointing is never ascribed to any one but God.

And here great care ought to be used in anointing and widening the passage.

But this blackness will wear away in three or four days' time, by anointing it often with oil of sweet almonds.

And by God's grace on the day of the King's anointing this ampulla is always found full.

The anointing alone makes the king, and Messire Charles de Valois had not been anointed.

And the anointing is not to come to pass until this the first part of her task shall have been accomplished.

Jeanne maintained her resolution to go to Reims and take the King to his anointing.