Anoints [verb]

Definition of Anoints:

bless, usually with oil or water

Synonyms of Anoints:

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Sentence/Example of Anoints:

His wife and Macgill were there with anointing oil and a prayer book, their voices still raspy as they helped him let go.

Within days after the election, we witnessed an orchestrated effort to anoint the winner, even while many key states were still being counted.

Outside of Orlando, where the University of Central Florida anointed itself the 2017 national champion, college football hasn’t built much momentum toward allowing a team that isn’t in a Power Five conference9 a chance to compete for a title.

Angular, unfortunately, then became the anointed technology to use for everything.

That drink wine in bowls, and anoint themselves with the best ointments: and they are not concerned for the affliction of Joseph.

I feel like asking our elder, Sister Smith, to come and anoint you with oil according to Jas.

If the hands be affected, anoint them on going to bed, and put on a pair of gloves.

Anoint the face with this, leave it on twenty or thirty minutes, or overnight if convenient, and wash off with warm water.

If you anoint a patient that has confluent smallpox you probably can not wipe away the oil, because the skin will be pustular.

They anoint their children with a bituminous ointment at their birth, to prevent the growth of hair.