Anomalies [noun]

Definition of Anomalies:

deviation from normal, usual

Synonyms of Anomalies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anomalies:

Sentence/Example of Anomalies:

I here except heiresses, who, being anomalies, deserve a particular paragraph for themselves.

The distance which separates the Mother Country from the Dominions causes the anomalies to be scarcely perceptible.

The more you delve into the religions of the Americans the more anomalies you find.

Anyone who chooses can verify the facts stated, and may perhaps discover more curious anomalies still.

This, however, is one of those natural anomalies that we would do well to leave alone.

Even to-day the masses of the Negroes see all too clearly the anomalies of their position and the moral crookedness of yours.

Rights without remedies are anomalies of which the law knows nothing.

Tchekoff, like many other Russian writers, has shown himself a master in the study of certain psychological anomalies.

It was very imperfectly performed, and Turgot found the province groaning under a mass of fiscal anomalies and disorders.

But think of the wild havoc that would be made of other more complex anomalies, if these purists looked an inch in advance.