Anomalous [adjective]

Definition of Anomalous:

deviating from normal, usual

Synonyms of Anomalous:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anomalous:

Sentence/Example of Anomalous:

Disturbances in the planet’s magnetosphere, which are usually caused by anomalous outer-space events like solar flares, might mess with the inner workings of the brain, scrambling our perceptions in strange ways.

Pixie enables engineering teams to fundamentally rethink their monitoring strategy as it presents a vision of the future where we detect anomalous behavior and make operational decisions inside the infrastructure layer itself.

While some larger, older financial institutions have been slower to adapt their rule-based legacy systems, smaller, newer firms are using machine learning to look out for anomalous activity, whatever it might be.

He admitted that this was an anomalous course of legislation, and that the board would be entrusted with extraordinary powers.

A mongrel and anomalous species like the German Meerkatzen—monkey-cats.

From that time on Quin's status in the family became less anomalous.

At the time of the arrival of Pizarro, a curious condition, anomalous in their records, had arisen.

But, let me repeat, I was in an anomalous condition of mind, with my nerves set on edge by the events of the evening.

Anomalist′ic, -al, anomalous: departing from established rules: irregular.

He admitted indeed that that was an anomalous figure for Nick, the worker of domestic woe.