Anon [adverb]

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They also made good use of their field-pieces, and ever and anon the booming of cannon was heard in the streets of Manila.

It even possessed the attractions of a golf course, the first in Ireland, the Kinnegar at Holywood, p. 92but more of that anon.

Both of these read—'Anon her herte began to yerne'; whereas it of course ought to be—'Anon her herte gan to erme.'

"Oh, you shall have air enough anon," he answered with a half-strangled laugh, his passion mounting ever.

But anon soldiers came to lead them to the Palace, that they might make good their brags before the King's face.

Now it was a collar of brilliants, anon a rope of pearls, again a priceless ring that had been Mr. Wilding's mother's.

Up betimes and to my office, and anon we met upon finishing the Treasurer's accounts.

Up by and by my wife comes and good friends again, and to walk in the garden and so anon to supper and to bed.

Calf and his men went ashore, and anon a band of men set upon them, and Calf forthwith gave battle.

Anon we rose and parted, both of us angry, but I contented, because I knew all of them must know I was in the right.