Anonymous [adjective]

Definition of Anonymous:

unknown, usually by choice

Opposite/Antonyms of Anonymous:

Sentence/Example of Anonymous:

Although there may not be a Tom Brady of crypto due to the fact that the originator of Bitcoin is anonymous, everyone who talks about cryptocurrencies and digital assets helps validate the industry.

At the same time, it tightened internet censorship by banning anonymous users—a provision enforced by regular government inspections of data from internet service providers.

This massive, mostly anonymous and pseudonymous group of internet culture cops is doing a large and likely growing share of the daily work of content-policing.

Moser said his client wanted to remain anonymous, so they tried to take advantage of a loophole — as far as they saw it — in state law that doesn’t require the disclosure of independent expenditures under $1,000.

We are now building this element, and plan to have all of our users’ personal data stored on the blockchain and accessed only by them ensuring them with complete control over their data that’s also kept anonymous.

American consumers wanted privacy to be preserved, so Apple and Google set about devising an API that could help track potential Covid-19 outbreaks while keeping users’ identities anonymous.

To ease the fear of being outed, the government instituted anonymous testing for those connected to the most recent outbreak.

Now, with smartphones, high-definition cameras, and powerful algorithms, anonymous protest may soon be a thing of the past.

It featured our interview with Democratic presidential candidate Andrew Yang, who at the time was borderline-anonymous.

Using anonymous surveys so people can raise objections without fear of reprisal.