Anorexias [noun]

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Where much intoxication is present, anorexia and dipsosis are to be noticed.

He suffered from drowsy headach, anorexia, cold and slightly œdematous limbs.

It is also useful in the flatulency of the aged, where it prevents the development of gas, and has a marked effect on anorexia.

Vomiting is not common except in those cases which follow upon an error of diet, but there is generally some nausea and anorexia.

Anorexia is generally present in typhus fever from the beginning of the attack, and may persist until its close.

Thus, for example, there exists in adult life a disturbance of the nervous system which is called "anorexia nervosa."

Purpura rheumatica commonly begins with malaise, anorexia, debility, sometimes with mild fever.

The latter course is recommended by Post, and is said to avoid eructations and anorexia.

In the majority of cases the appetite is diminished, and there may be complete anorexia.

I went to see a stomach specialist who looked me over and gravely informed me that I had psychasthenia anorexia.