Answerable [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Answerable:

This time I am convinced that the second reason is almost wholly answerable for your latest commission.

Ford is answerable for many of the fixed ideas about Spain which it seems quite impossible to remove.

They hold themselves at all times answerable to the law of the land, for their conduct in the trust committed to them.

He chooses to return to his original state, and now stands answerable himself, when the time shall come for his trial.

And in such case should not I be answerable for any mischief which might ensue?

To you, this world is answerable, for you have saved our civilization.

"Well, I always thought I was answerable for myself," said Rose, indignantly.

They have answerable simplicity of sentiment and of language.

It is scarcely a quarter of an hour since I beheld the figure of ——, that man for whose untimely death I am answerable.

Was she not the Great Queen, answerable to none on earth, and fearless of the very stars in heaven?