Answering [verb]

Definition of Answering:

reply, react

Synonyms of Answering:

Opposite/Antonyms of Answering:

Sentence/Example of Answering:

Serrano closes by answering certain questions about prebends, curacies, etc.

Far across the island, faintly sounding through the trees and brushwood, came a similar, answering cry.

And an answering cry sounded across the lagoon—thin, wailing, piteous.

It is well in answering a letter of invitation, to state the limits of your visit, and then to keep them.

He speaks of false prophets, answering out of their own heads and according to their own corrupt inclinations.

Beggers is here used as a proper name, answering to F. Beguins.

In this high realm floating water is probably in the frozen state, answering to the form of dew, which we call hoar frost.

But the king answering, said: Baltassar, let not the dream and the interpretation thereof trouble thee.

Boulder beaches are so quick in answering to every slight change in the conditions which affect them that they seem almost alive.

She wished to learn more from him; but he could bear it no longer, and left the room without answering her.