Answers [noun]

Definition of Answers:

reply; reaction

Opposite/Antonyms of Answers:

Sentence/Example of Answers:

Various matters mentioned by the governor receive perfunctory and formal answers.

Alessandro had hard work to give civil answers to the men who wished to buy Benito and the wagon for quarter of their value.

Ruefully Aristide found no answers save in the general chuckle-headedness of mankind.

Judge: Now, Sir, your punishment shall depend on the shortness and correctness of your answers.

Delancy knew that the message was from that man he had never seen—the big boss, the man who knew all the answers.

He heard many answers to these questions; his heart made one, his reason made another.

She consequently wrote the answers, which her father carefully copied, and sent in his own name.

Ethel thought it useless, and was teased by it; and though her answers were chiefly correct, they were given in an irritated tone.

I read Wys for want of a better word; it answers to one sense of Lat.

They pay down a certain sum, as caution-money, to some mandarin, and the latter answers for them.