Antagonisms [noun]

Definition of Antagonisms:

causing problem; opposition

Synonyms of Antagonisms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antagonisms:

Sentence/Example of Antagonisms:

Facebook and its tech peers are facing a groundswell of bipartisan antagonism over their control of digital commerce and their ability to influence what users watch and read.

At the time, Gallup suggested there were two causes of such public antagonism to pharmaceutical companies—their role in the opioid crisis, and high drug prices.

Kaufman said, “There’s a common thread that runs through all of the Dark Triad traits, and that’s exploitation and the desire for antagonism, viewing the world in a zero-sum way.”

In the close relation and affection of these last days, the sense of alienation and antagonism faded from both their hearts.

These two phenomenal facts imply some strong antagonism to the priesthood and their system.

He recalled the old bitterness and the old antagonism, and for a moment he almost lost his temper.

True a wonderful outcry has been raised about the antagonism between the records of the rocks, and the records of the Bible.

At this period, though he would not have admitted it, he felt a growing antagonism, and the cause was Inga.

One unlooked-for result of the evenings happenings was that OLearys antagonism to Dangerfield seemed completely to disappear.

It is constructive only so far as its antagonism to the great owner is more powerful than its jealousy of the state.