Antagonists [noun]

Definition of Antagonists:

person causing problem

Synonyms of Antagonists:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antagonists:

Sentence/Example of Antagonists:

The other two “imperfect” clones were the hero of the series, Snake, and antagonist Liquid Snake.

History remembers Lincoln and Douglas as antagonists, but they ended their relationship as allies against the greatest threat their country had faced, bonded, finally, by their shared belief in the Union.

One of the more rigorous of the old rules that is falling away is the church-state division between artists and critics, a red line that made them often seem to be antagonists.

“Devil May Cry 5” offers an entirely new playable character, and not just anyone, but Vergil, the handsome, soft-spoken brother of hero Dante and the series antagonist.

Specifically, it would allow you to frame her as counterpart instead of antagonist, and therefore risk being more vulnerable than defensive.

This brief direction to Charley Bates and his recent antagonist to retire, was softly and immediately obeyed.

The girl—it was no other than Miss Rebecca Jones—shrank away when she recognized her antagonist.

The boats were then pulled close to one another, and each combatant endeavoured to push his antagonist into the water.

But poor Lancing was seriously handicapped by the fact that he had a woman for his antagonist.

Doctor Smith, in the estimation of the audience, easily triumphed over his antagonist, who had made this a studied subject.