Antagonizes [verb]

Definition of Antagonizes:

cause problem; oppose

Synonyms of Antagonizes:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antagonizes:

Sentence/Example of Antagonizes:

If you want this city to prosper, you shouldn’t be antagonizing him.

“But the SARS-CoV-2 virus has anti-interferon genes which can stop or antagonize the production or effect of interferon,” said Yuen, who measured the effects in human lung tissue.

He could not indorse the religious ideas taught in them, and he was not there that day to antagonize them.

It is not well to antagonize the priests, who hold us firmly to this law.

When he was angered it was as though the offender had managed to antagonize some natural law, or force or mass.

Don't antagonize him; we can't afford to fight this war on any more fronts than we are now.

To brave public opinion and antagonize the Lower House of Congress required the largest courage.

This seems to be true, and it comes from the fact that they did not antagonize savage customs.

But I cannot afford to antagonize public opinion in my State on the question of amalgamation.

She considered making a bargain and extracting a promise of friendship from the girl, but this, she felt, might antagonize her.