Antarctic [adjective]

Definition of Antarctic:

extremely cold

Synonyms of Antarctic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antarctic:

Sentence/Example of Antarctic:

The merchant would no longer expose his cargoes to the mountainous billows and capricious gales of the Antarctic seas.

They strung out and started for the Antarctic Ocean, with a big old wicker-worked demijohn in the lead.

He had not perfectly proved the impossibility of an antarctic continent.

The non-existence of an antarctic continent was definitely ascertained.

At this time Cook had not yet proved the non-existence of an Antarctic Continent.

Birds innumerable appeared on every hand: snow petrels, silver petrels, Cape pigeons and Antarctic petrels.

In isolated coveys on the inclined top of the "island" were several flocks, each containing hundreds of Antarctic petrels.

As it rose, electric motors slid back the roof that covered the pit, and the howling Antarctic winds roared around it.

The history of Antarctic glacier-ice commences with the showers of snow that fall upon the plateau.

There, by lantern or candle-stump, wit Rabelaisian, Aristophanic or Antarctic was cradled into rhyme.