Ante [noun]

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Garmin’s line of sporty smartwatches are mostly round, which is a good start, and the company ups the ante in looks and premium materials with its high-end MARQ collection.

If EU lawmakers must go ahead with ex ante regulation of platforms giants, Google — an adtech giant — is especially keen that they do not single out any specific business models.

So it definitely wouldn’t be a fan of ex ante regs applied only to surveillance-fueled ad-targeting platforms.

Now, with social media as a broadcast system, the right-wing media has upped the ante.

Initially, TikTok had earmarked $200 million to pay out over the next year, but a day after news broke of Instagram’s Reels payment talks, TikTok announced it had upped the ante to more than $1 billion paid out over the next three years.

Cert ante hoc tempus vix vnquam Gallis vacatum fuit conuertdis incolarum ad Christum animis.

Nam Sacerdos ille, qui huc ante nos aduenerat, nostro statim adutu in Galliam sua ipse sponte & pro veteri desiderio remigrauit.

So Virgil, "Solemnes tum forte dapes et tristia dona ante urbem in luco," &c.

Her style was a great contrast to the earlier hero-worshiping and glorification of ante-bellum days in Virginia.

It is difficult to get accustomed to the spending of our lives in ante-chambers, courtyards, or on staircases.