Antecedence [noun]

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We may explain why Thrasyllus placed the Kleitophon in immediate antecedence to the Republic: because 1.

Causation, as Brown had finally proved, means simply antecedence and consequence.

It is of invariable antecedence that we speak alike in both cases, and of invariable antecedence only.

Or do 'states of consciousness enter as links into the chain of antecedence and sequence which gives rise to bodily actions?'

In many ways men have expressed, and will express hereafter, the creative or causal antecedence of the spiritual principle.

Respecting the phenomena of inanimate nature, we have no other direct knowledge than that of antecedence and sequence.

God has established an order in nature, a uniformity of antecedence and sequence, with which Omnipotence shall not interfere.

The chief principle, then, of savage science is that antecedence and consequence in time are the same as effect and cause.

In the Aesthetic Kant sometimes claims a temporal antecedence for the a priori.

I must necessarily set out from the one, to which therefore I give hypothetical antecedence, in order to arrive at the other.