Antecedent [adjective]

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Much like the blood-drinking, Satan-worshipping, pedophilic cabal of QAnon’s theories, the Prokopian antecedent demonstrates a mixing of political critique with the supernatural and the erotic.

The nature both of this substance and the antecedent substance from which it is derived is not known.

Spencer tells us that it is 'absolutely antecedent to all relative experience whatever.'

In this line and the next the attributive clauses are separated from the antecedent: see note, l. 2.

Law and antecedent necessity to Mr. Mill are one and the same.

To a scientist there is nothing more in it than antecedent and consequent.

Without pain there is no pleasure, and the pleasure varies in accordance with the antecedent pain.

The character and ability of a person depend upon the causes antecedent to him.

And there is no growth or diminution without antecedent genesis and decay.

Let us look back, however, to years antecedent to 1735, and see how it fared with witches in Edinburgh and elsewhere.