Antecedently [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Antecedently:

The propitiation required antecedently to a revelation was indeed offered.

With inexorable logic, each conclusion is deduced from what has been antecedently admitted as indisputable.

Such was the history of this man antecedently to his being placed in the situation in which I had first encountered him.

When a man is ill and after deliberation concludes that it be well to see a doctor, the doctor doubtless exists antecedently.

It is antecedently true only if it can bring about these changes.

Lastly, there are considerations per contra, rendering an incarnation antecedently probable.

With reference to this theory it is only needful to say that it is antecedently improbable, and not well substantiated by facts.

Certain things are antecedently assumed, and the answer depends entirely on the truth of those assumptions.

It was both specific and antecedently probable, and should have determined the admiral's action.

It is not lawful for superiors to impose anything in the worship of God that is not antecedently necessary.