Antecedents [noun]

Definition of Antecedents:

predecessor(s) in family

Synonyms of Antecedents:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antecedents:

Sentence/Example of Antecedents:

I was born in the Old Dominion, my parents were born in Virginia, and they and their antecedents were all slaveholders.

Now Diard, far from arresting the spot of oil on his garments left by his antecedents, did his best to spread it.

Frederick's tender years, his antecedents, your tender solicitude, my constant vigilance.

Certain remarkable antecedents warranted the power which Cosmo Ruggiero retained over his mistress to her last hour.

Fitzwalker Tookey had the antecedents and education of a gentleman.

A word about the antecedents, which led to this resolve on the part of the dragoon captain.

He was very exclusive, in view of the fact that he was a poor man, without aristocratic antecedents or many powerful friends.

The little service I could do was a moral lesson to me on the subject of deuce-may-care antecedents.

In speaking of the character and antecedents of Felix Graham I have said that he was moulding a wife for himself.

He began to experience the fretful craving to see the antecedents of the torturing woman spread out before him.