Antechambers [noun]

Definition of Antechambers:

entrance hall

Synonyms of Antechambers:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antechambers:


Sentence/Example of Antechambers:

And the gruff voice of the drayman, growing impatient in the antechamber: "Come, come, make haste."

One morning, Jenkins having called in the course of his round, found Constance alone and doing nothing in the antechamber.

As the Rabbis say, 'Repent in the antechamber, that thou mayest enter the room of state.'

The den of the sibyl was much darker than the antechamber; the color of the walls could scarcely be distinguished.

Gazonal, horrified by the gaze of Astaroth, rushed into the antechamber, after bowing to the terrible old woman.

The first room into which we passed was small, seemingly an antechamber.

Wilhelmine paused a moment in her antechamber on the first floor.

But now let us go back to the terrace-door, and the footman sitting in the antechamber.

The most powerful nobles sent their sons to serve in his household as pages; and nobles and knights waited in his antechamber.

And after that I painted for the ceiling of an antechamber four large pictures in oils of the four Seasons of the year.