Antedates [verb]

Definition of Antedates:

occur or cause to occur earlier

Synonyms of Antedates:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antedates:


Sentence/Example of Antedates:

A foreign patent in order to invalidate an American patent must antedate the invention patented.

However, most of the older residences in Fredericksburg antedate the fire, and are of an earlier Colonial period.

They antedate questions, and thus in all cases aggravate the difficulty of answering them satisfactorily.

So powerful is this instinctive faith that men of simple modes of character are prone to antedate its consummation.

No hostile hand can antedate my doom, Till fate condemns me to the silent tomb.

These figures are, however, unreliable, and antedate the Russian Revolution.

This would make them antedate July, 1759, which is not true of the bakehouse.

We must not antedate a change which is taking place very gradually in the middle of the twelfth century.

These movements take place in the dark and we can not date them; but to antedate them would be easy.

A miraculous birth would be scouted to-day as monstrous; antedate it 2,000 years and we worship it as miracle.