Antediluvians [noun]

Definition of Antediluvians:

person who is old-fashioned, conventional

Synonyms of Antediluvians:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antediluvians:

Sentence/Example of Antediluvians:

Among the antediluvians, sheep were immolated for sacrificial offerings, and their fleeces probably furnished them with clothing.

The agent upon this thought that he had met with a race of Antediluvians.

But antediluvians and Biblical characters were not the only persons who were thought to have discovered the coveted "elixir."

Alchemists believed that most of the antediluvians, perhaps all of them, possessed a knowledge of this stone.

I had ten times rather read about the antediluvians, and I wish sometimes they might go and keep them company.

Noah was a preacher of righteousness to the antediluvians, yet he got drunk after the flood.

He ascribes it to the abnormal wickedness of the antediluvians.

The remains of giants and of antediluvians were frequent in museums.

How can you expect those antediluvians to be anything but tough?

On coming forth from the ark, men received permission to use flesh as food, the antediluvians having been herbivorous!