Antelope [noun]

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As Potts’ team has previously found, smaller animals with diverse diets, including antelopes and pigs, became prominent at Olorgesailie during the Middle Stone Age.

My spurs fairly lifted the dun horse, and we scuttled in the opposite direction like a scared antelope.

A huge string game-bag was slung over his back, and in an antelope's horn or a crane's bill bullets were carried.

Several times she had startled antelope, and once her horse had shied at a rattlesnake coiled in the sunshine.

There was not a human habitation in sight—only antelope and buffalo to vary the monotony of perfect solitude.

The lesser one remained flitting about the house, or to and fro between here and Antelope Butte.

And the child of Nature bounded into the air like an antelope, and frisked three times; then she made another set at them.

A fine male antelope was shot by Lieut. Swift, and a skunk was also the game of the day.

An animal she thought was an antelope moved swiftly through the waves of rippling grass.

Perhaps a half-mile away six or eight antelope were cropping the grass, unconscious of the approach of danger.