Antennae [noun]

Definition of Antennae:

appendages for sensing, usually on insects or electronics

Synonyms of Antennae:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antennae:


Sentence/Example of Antennae:

The antennae are ciliated, whitish above, and brownish beneath.

The antennae of this beautiful species are black, very slender at the base, and thick towards the extremity.

She quietly polishes her wings and curls her antennae by pulling them while standing on them with her fore-tarsi.

The antennae quiver; the wings, raised above the back, continually beat one against the other.

She returns, puts out her head and, seizing her prey by the antennae, warehouses it by dragging backwards.

The effect is instantaneous: total inertia, except of the appendages of the head, the antennae and mouth-parts.

The other two keep perfectly fresh and move their antennae and palpi at the touch of a straw.

You remember Neave's hands—thin, sallow, dry, with long inquisitive fingers thrown out like antennae?

They stood back against the walls of the cavern chamber, their wings folded, the antennae on their orange foreheads waving gently.

She straightened the antennae, drew each leg into position and set it in perfectly lifelike manner.