Antennas [noun]

Definition of Antennas:

appendages for sensing, usually on insects or electronics

Synonyms of Antennas:

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Sentence/Example of Antennas:

Internal antennas provide better WiFi coverage, higher speed, and will permanently rid your home of dead zones.

The handle has the antenna built into it for FM reception, and folds down to act as a stand if you don’t mind your music blasting into the ground or table.

Not only are its signals much stronger at ground level, but the antennas for its microwave frequencies are about 10 times more directional than GPS antennas.

Your hand will block the signal, so the solution to that is multiple antennas that work around your hand position.

These are ground-based networks of antennas and GPS receivers.

Previous assessments of flash duration and extent were collected by Lightning Mapping Arrays, ground-based networks of antennas and GPS receivers.

An ordinary burst might be seen by two to five of the instrument’s antennas.

Halfway through this time, the researchers touched the bee’s antenna with a drop of sugar water.

For the antenna and lead-in and ground wires, Jessie purchased three hundred feet of copper wire, number fourteen.

I discovered a short between the automatic trigger and the ship's secondary communication antenna.