Anterior [adjective]

Definition of Anterior:

beginning, prior

Synonyms of Anterior:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anterior:

Sentence/Example of Anterior:

That which is called nasality is caused by the failure of the tone to reach freely the anterior cavities of the nares.

Its anterior portion is slender and thread-like, while the posterior portion is thicker (Fig. 112).

Because the people of God view themselves as bound by anterior engagements of his Church.

This was the first settling of North America, and thirteen years anterior to the landing of the Pilgrims.

The projection of the anterior root of P4 seems to be correlated with the presence or absence of P3.

The presence or absence of P3 and the projection of the anterior root of P4 in relation to the masseteric knob.

Frith Gilds, with much the same objects, had been common anterior to the Conquest.

Chaucer is anterior; and on other grounds, too, he cannot well be brought into the comparison.

And uniformity to this extent was not assumed, anterior to the experience, but proved by the experience.

The more anterior fibers insert fleshily on the mandibular fossa.