Anterooms [noun]

Definition of Anterooms:

small room for arrivals

Synonyms of Anterooms:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anterooms:

Sentence/Example of Anterooms:

Left alone in the anteroom, mademoiselle crossed to the window and dropped limply into a chair.

No servant of the chateau was allowed past the door of the outer anteroom, now commonly spoken of as the guardroom of the tower.

With a half-smile he rose, and going to the door he bade his page who was idling in the anteroom go summon the captain.

The next moment he is having a cooling drink among his confrères in the anteroom.

"Speak very low; he is in there," she said, pointing to the anteroom where Millar was hiding.

Millar had brought her into the anteroom to show her Karl making love to Elsa.

Her first impulse was of anger, and she ran toward the anteroom.

Millar had gone into an anteroom leading out into the beautiful gardens.

While Onisim was busy getting a light in the anteroom, Pyetushkov stood motionless at the other window, staring into the street.

The officer retired in great confusion, and Sir William sent me back to the anteroom.