Anthem [noun]

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Leave it to Jhené Aiko to serve up a politically-charged anthem that’ll make you bob your head.

When NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick first knelt during the national anthem four years ago, public opinion was still largely against him.

For example, the share in Fox News Polls who thought that kneeling during the anthem was appropriate increased from 32 percent in September 2016 to 41 percent in September 2017 to 48 percent in July 2020.

Support for athletes kneeling during the national anthem has steadily increased over the past four years.

That advice was crucial in 2018, when, while running for the Senate, he was asked about Kaepernick kneeling during the national anthem.

After dinner, and so to chappell again; and there had another good anthem of Captain Cooke's.

The anthem was good after sermon, being the fifty-first psalme, made for five voices by one of Captain Cooke's boys, a pretty boy.

And here I first perceived that the King is a little musicall, and kept good time with his hand all along the anthem.

Again the bands broke into the strains of the national anthem; but immediately they swung into a rollicking cavalry air.

Kit Rhodes decided Marto was entirely correct as to the inspiration back of that anthem.