Anthills [noun]

Definition of Anthills:

heap, hill

Synonyms of Anthills:

Opposite/Antonyms of Anthills:

Sentence/Example of Anthills:

Our own period is of no more importance in the general history of the universe than one anthill in the infinite.

They swarm like ants in an anthill; a single chamber often contains many hundreds.

The Ajawa headman left the path on seeing us, and stood on an anthill to obtain a complete view of our party.

The whole slum-district turned out, dressed or half-dressed, like a fevered anthill.

A fork was better after all than one's fingers, and sitting on a chair in the study than on an anthill in the veld.

Farther away the partridges stole quietly to an anthill at the edge of some barley.

While in a brown study on this anthill, 30 men on horseback suddenly dashed up towards me from the direction of Elandslaagte.

Tired out, half-starved and as disconsolate as the donkey in the stable, I sat myself on an anthill.

I threw myself flat on my face, seeking the anthill as cover, prepared to sell my life dearly should they prove to be Englishmen.

This large city lay in the landscape like an anthill in a meadow.