Anthropoid [noun]

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It is large in the anthropoid apes, especially in the orang, in which it is very long and spirally convoluted.

The abnormality of club-foot may be pointed to as a reversion to the shape of the foot in the anthropoid apes.

The same peculiarity exists in the larger anthropoid apes and in some of the gibbons, but is not found in the lower mammals.

None of the other anthropoid apes ever walk erect, though they assume at times the upright posture.

Of the anthropoid apes of Europe, probably numerous in individuals, a few remains of one or two species alone survive.

All the anthropoid apes are certainly intelligent enough to do this, if it should prove advantageous to them.

What we know positively is that man exists, and that in physical structure he is very closely related to the anthropoid apes.

We find these forms in the monkeys or apes, and especially in their highest representatives, the anthropoid apes.

This is by no means to suggest that some one of the existing anthropoid apes is the direct ancestor of man.

Highly interesting examples of these varied results may be seen in the existing anthropoid apes.