Anthropological [adjective]

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Anthropological writers, by an oversight, have dwelt on Oki, but have not mentioned Ahone.

The one is anthropological dualism, regarding the soul as a distinct entity which comes to the body from without.

Baudru Dsir was turned over to the anthropological service; they had never seen anything like him.

But to break in on a creature engaged in—well, we don't know what primal private activity—is against all anthropological practice.

These desks were indeed scientific, following in their construction the anthropological study of the child.

The physical development of the children is followed, each child being studied from the anthropological standpoint.

Eliseff presented to the French Anthropological Society a woman with a caudal appendage covered with hair.

We next applied to the Anthropological Institute, where, strange to tell, we met with a like inexplicable rebuff.

Such broad, intermittent dispersal is the anthropological prototype of the "discontinuous distribution" of biologists.

This portion of the country shows therefore, as the anthropological maps attest, a striking uniformity of race.