Anthropologies [noun]

Definition of Anthropologies:

study of humans and their culture

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Sentence/Example of Anthropologies:

Her field is very new, this combination of biochemistry and cultural anthropology.

Machine learning researchers should stop ducking responsibility by claiming such considerations belong to other fields—data science or anthropology or political science.

So, those fields plus computer science — with their interest in artificial intelligence — and anthropology, all kind of converge in this one interdisciplinary field, which wants to use different methods and approaches to tackle the questions of mind.

Tyler Faith, an archeology and anthropology expert at the University of Utah who was not involved in the study, says this idea could possibly extend to other species that met their ends as the ice age melted away.

To do anthropology well, you had to alienate yourself from everything familiar, to take a slow train toward another way of seeing reality.

Boulanger's ideas on philosophy, mythology, anthropology and history are of extraordinary interest today.

But famous as he was as a surgeon, his name is associated most closely with the modern school of anthropology.

It was a work of observation, insight, and genius, and was a landmark in the progress of the science of anthropology.

The study of prehistoric anthropology in Russia, a vast territory, is still in its infancy.

Among these are several on anthropology, on political economy, and even on Darwinism.