Anthropomorphic [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Anthropomorphic:

These appear to dance across transparent displays — and into such canvases as “Bluewalker,” whose shapes are less anthropomorphic but do suggest bodies in motion.

Disney took the Robin Hood story and filled it with anthropomorphic animals, then didn’t bother doing heavily sexed presentations of those animals, unlike, say, Lola Bunny in Space Jam.

The rainbow which incloses the picture on three sides is not the anthropomorphic rainbow.

He would find that the modern statues by famous artists were beautiful anthropomorphic works in marble or in gold and ivory.

To vindicate his spirituality the anthropomorphic passages in the Koran must be understood metaphorically.

The Gentiles make use of the anthropomorphic expressions in the Bible to annoy us, charging us with believing in a corporeal God.

In the advance from man to the anthropomorphic god, the hero would surely already have been encountered.

The conception of an anthropomorphic god, therefore, results from a fusion of hero with demon.

Similarly, the religious impulse expresses itself in the erection of an anthropomorphic image of the deity.

Anthropomorphic as she was, she stimulated him into appreciating things thus, and then they lived for her.