Anti [adjective]

Definition of Anti:

bad, contradictory

Opposite/Antonyms of Anti:

Sentence/Example of Anti:

To give him a party name, he became an anti-clerical, strictly in a political and lawful sense.

Martini appeared from his little anti-room, with a lamp in his hand, as the prison clock struck ten.

The unoccupied pallet of Martini lay in one corner of this miserable anti-room.

He sincerely hates all anti-tobaccoites and has a supreme disgust for the memory of King James I. and all royal foes of the plant.

Let no opportunity be missed of exposing the true character of the vile and selfish agitators of the Anti-corn-law league.

Anti-British feeling rapidly increased on the part of the colonists after this incident.

But what is our condition even amidst our Anti-Slavery friends?

At least, it was expected, that in Anti-Slavery establishments, colored men would have the preference.

We believe it to be anti-Christian in its character, and misanthropic in its pretended sympathies.

The anti-slavery branch of the American party, called the Know-somethings, assembled in convention at Cincinnati.