Antibiotic [noun]

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These medications are a type of antimicrobial drug—a category that also includes antibiotics.

That’s why people who took antibiotics could, paradoxically, develop new infections after treatment.

Researchers will need to study how the short-term benefits of antibiotics stack up against potential risks, she says, but such research may also lead to therapies for pregnant women who need antibiotics.

Unlike many bacterial invaders that are thwarted by antibiotics, there aren’t many pharmaceuticals that help us beat viral infections.

He expected the California Department of Public Health to be his advocate when he alleged Palomar Vista Healthcare Center in Escondido had failed to deliver adequate antibiotic treatments for an infection that left him at risk.

As far as specific concerns go, one common one involves antibiotics, says Oxitec’s Gorman.

Traces of bacterial DNA called a plasmid, which Recombinetics used to edit the bull’s genome, had stayed behind in the editing process, carrying genes linked to antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

The boy had suffered 19 bouts of pneumococcal meningitis, which were repeatedly treated with antibiotics.

In the 1980s we had 30 producers of antibiotics in this country.

So it’s not just opioids but everything from antibiotics to, you know, other types of medications that you’re taking.