Antibiotics [noun]

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Sentence/Example of Antibiotics:

Only the new antibiotics he had taken along, had kept the gangrene from killing him.

Marin pumped them full of antibiotics, bandaged their wounds, fed them through their veins, and shot them into sleep.

The air-regenerating apparatus had been developed from the aeriating culture-tanks in which antibiotics were grown on Earth.

And with Piper warehouses back on Earth full of old, useless antibiotics that they can't sell for peanuts?

Right now, for instance, strains of bacteria are becoming resistant to antibiotics.

This step is taken because it has been shown that glycerol inhibits the effectiveness of the antibiotics.

We've loaded you with antibiotics and blood cell regenerator, and we've given you a total transfusion.

Joe Kuzak, full of new antibiotics and coagulants, was still up and around.

"Antibiotics and stuff," he answered, and pulled a little flat plastic case out of a pocket.

One example was the change in the control of antibiotics and sulfonamides.