Antic [noun]

Definition of Antic:

funny act

Synonyms of Antic:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antic:


Sentence/Example of Antic:

Their shirtless antics have played well all over the world since they got together in 2005.

At British festivals our predecessors used to antic in the guise of a bull, and the bull-headed actor was entitled “The Broad”.

If a discovery in science is announced, he will execute you an antic upon it before it gets fairly cold.

I gritted my teeth at him, danced up and down, screaming an incoherent mockery and making antic faces.

Nor need one necessarily play an absurd antic to be natural.

Her laugh, at some clumsy antic of Leonidas or some word of mine, rang again and again through the solitude of our hiding place.

My father clapped his hands with glee, my mother was perplexed at my antic conduct, while the missionary evinced irritation.

No beauty, even artificial or obvious, belongs to the smoke then, and it plays no antic pranks in mimicry of cloud.

Round us in antic order their crippled vices came— Lust that had lost its laughter, fear that had lost its shame.

I wish it was come to my making you my last bow, 'ye distant spires, ye antic towers!'