Anticipate [verb]

Definition of Anticipate:

expect; predict

Opposite/Antonyms of Anticipate:

Sentence/Example of Anticipate:

The November release will be welcomed not only by Obama readers, but by booksellers and fellow publishers who anticipate that the massive demand for A Promised Land will raise sales for everyone.

The Singapore hub itself will start off selling ads programmatically, but Insider anticipates more of these global campaigns with local variants.

Regardless of your industry, you should look for ways to anticipate and meet customer needs.

The most recent round of surveys in Wisconsin has been highly anticipated, coming after a Republican National Convention that focused heavily on the law-and-order message and in the wake of the Blake shooting and the subsequent protests.

In keeping with the event’s “time flies” theme, Apple debuted two new models of smartwatch, as widely anticipated.

Although our B2B publisher clients anticipated revenue declines at the start of the pandemic, their volume on our platform has been flat and not declined.

As with so many media companies — and particularly those who had been anticipating a windfall year of tentpole sporting action — Discovery’s business was far from immune to the effects of the coronavirus.

NASA anticipates paying roughly between $15,000 to $25,000 per moon contract, agency Administrator Jim Bridenstine said, though final pricing will be determined by the competition.

The model anticipates higher turnout this year, but modeling turnout during a pandemic is incredibly difficult — and we don’t know what the virus will look like in swing states by November.

We anticipate that SDG&E will use its control of this infrastructure to hurl obstacles at San Diego Community Power at every opportunity and deter our progress toward 100 percent renewable energy.