Anticipated [adjective]

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The C-clamp and grommet assembly allow secure installation on desks up to two inches thick, and the unique quick-detach VESA plate makes for easy setup and teardown if you anticipate rearranging your office.

I asked Jason Robins of DraftKings if he anticipates that sort of top-down power play as sports betting becomes more common.

Present-day folks, and likely members of ancient American societies as well, anticipate that each of these emotional expressions occurs in particular social situations, the scientists report August 19 in Science Advances.

Late in 2019 and just around the new year, the anticipated SEO trends for the coming year focused on voice search, featured snippets, BERT, experiential content, and new networks like TikTok.

Another problem, as Ankcorn sees it, is that the state consumer protection law anticipated a small volume of cases and split the penalties between cities and counties as a way to fund superior courts.

You follow her on social media, eagerly anticipate new releases, and chat about her talent with your friends.

It was a classic example of how diversity serves as a competitive advantage, allowing colleagues to anticipate and plan for possible reactions from a broad user base.

Encinitas Union Superintendent Andree Grey wrote in an email to Voice of San Diego the district anticipates being able to provide final plans by the end of July and will communicate with families and staff at that time.

This makes it harder for the virus to spread, so the epidemic grows more slowly than you might have anticipated based on its initial rate of growth.

Hoerr is anticipating the demand for donated food will increase hard and fast.