Anticipates [verb]

Definition of Anticipates:

expect; predict

Opposite/Antonyms of Anticipates:

Sentence/Example of Anticipates:

The General anticipates them in applauding your noble ardor.

It anticipates the climax of the description, besides ruining the scansion of the line.

The Act anticipates the case of a minister of religion coming under its provisions.

Goneril is glad but already anticipates with fear that Regan, now a widow, will deprive her of Edmund.

This anticipates Napoleon's projected concentration under Villeneuve in the Channel.

I come to you decided, and upon grounds which cannot offend you, though the decision anticipates your counsel.

Werner von Orseln shrugged his shoulders, but only said, "A soldier never anticipates disaster!"

A long-suffering Fatherland anticipates no difficulty whatever in following his advice during the winter.

He anticipates success, but is gradually learning to tone down his enthusiasm, realizing that difficulties beset his way.

Paola anticipates this vengeance by killing Lionardo on the spot with a dagger, thus exemplifying the pose of the picture.