Anticipating [verb]

Definition of Anticipating:

expect; predict

Opposite/Antonyms of Anticipating:

Sentence/Example of Anticipating:

The 2016 law, lawmakers said, was a step to offering equity to vulnerable road users but it didn’t anticipate the proliferation of motorized scooters and bikes, two transportation modes that have grown in recent years.

We anticipate continued momentum and we’re excited to assist small businesses as they work through the recovery and position themselves for the future.

Museums anticipate losing 35 percent of their income this year and about 28 percent next year.

Timeline for AmazonAmazon opened its first Arlington office in June 2019 and is anticipated to have approximately 1,600 employees working at the company’s headquarters by the end of 2020.

Green says Thrive Market has doubled the number of drivers in its two fulfillment centers in Nevada and Indiana and has added vertical shelving to store more inventory and to increase its ability to anticipate and handle surges in demand.

That being said, we’ve done a bunch of work to anticipate what could happen, but one thing we know for sure is what’s likely to happen is not something we’ve exactly anticipated.

A growing number of companies provide tools that claim to anticipate how courts will rule in a given case.

Instead of the anticipated $100 million, the tax brought in less than $30 million in revenue, two lawmakers said in interviews.

As you take in information about the surrounding vehicles, you’re anticipating how they might move and thinking on the fly about how you’d respond to those maneuvers.

We could anticipate what we were bringing in, so we had some money filed away.