Anticipative [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Anticipative:

The Mother thought she had never been so happy before in her life, and the ugly little beast yelped with anticipative joy.

It was an expression of mingled alarm and remonstrance, almost as anticipative as though she had spoken.

"It must have been that which he came to see me about last night," he said, with a sort of anticipative remorse.

The Doctor, looking complacently expansive, cheerily anticipative, welcomed them on the doorstep.

The internal organization of the colonial church is also anticipative.

There was a note of anticipative defiance in the young voice as she spoke.

The Prince and Phadrig were keenly anticipative, and the latter not a little nervous.

We have seen the historical results of this mode of procedure in what is denominated the Anticipative or Hypothetical Method.

"Ho, ho," said Mr. Rugge, in hissing accents which had often thrilled the threepenny gallery with anticipative horror.

He had left his seal-oil lamp burning and now it was with an anticipative chuckle of joy that he untied the drawstring.