Anticipatory [adjective]

Definition of Anticipatory:


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Sentence/Example of Anticipatory:

So when they are deciding whom to support, party chairs, delegates, donors and elected officials make speculative, anticipatory judgments about how candidates will perform in the general election.

The future is quite enough hampered with the past, without setting anticipatory traps and springes for unwary feet.

Yet I should be overdoing this (purely anticipatory) prudence to pass over the episode of the sky-blue uniform entirely.

They had discarded their shields, but were handling assegais in a manner that was highly anticipatory.

He was evidently bursting with the anticipatory pride of telling me something very much to his credit.

For it is at most anticipatory elements of the idea of humanity that are embodied in the world empire.

I found myself imagining fresh obstacles with the men and talking aloud in anticipatory rehearsal of the consequent row.

To varnish a rod in December proves that one possesses either a dilatory or a childishly anticipatory mind.

There was an anticipatory stamping of horses' feet in the barn, the lowing of a distant cow, the hungry grunt of pigs.

I can remember very well when he was regarded merely as a humorist, and one opened his books with an anticipatory grin.