Antics [noun]

Definition of Antics:

funny act

Synonyms of Antics:

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Sentence/Example of Antics:

Then there was the freckled-faced small boy in number three whose antics kept his mother in a continual state of "nerves."

I have seen a child doing the same antics long before in a dance, so that it is plainly an accepted solemnity.

A wave of stillness blanketed the audience that had come to see—and maybe laugh at—the antics of a midget.

In a few moments the entire company joined in the wild antics of the war dance.

Old Mr. Ford declared he had not laughed so much in twenty years as he did at the antics of the boys and the beetle.

The colt was watching the yearling's antics, and at last he couldn't help joining the fun.

But what at first puzzled the new-comers were the antics of some who threw themselves into the water from considerable heights.

One baboon had so wearied his pursuers by his antics that they pointed a gun at him, though with no intention of firing.

He kept up these antics at intervals during the day, while Peter Gross, remaining in the shade of the cabin, watched the pirates.

They immediately threw down their spears and laughed uproariously at my vigorous antics.