Antigen [noun]

Definition of Antigen:

blood group antigen

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Sentence/Example of Antigen:

Alitalia is even running special flights between Rome and Milan that are reserved for passengers that have had negative antigen tests, indicating that they do not have the virus in their systems.

As a result the only therapies approved by the FDA so far are focused on blood cancers that affect cells with idiosyncratic antigens.

As of late July, travelers arriving at Tokyo’s Narita and Haneda airports are given rapid antigen tests with results in 30 minutes.

Known as antigens, these can be parts of bacteria, viruses or other microbes.

“The DNA structure is like a pegboard where the antigens can be attached at any position,” said Bathe.

Ford claims to have obtained proof that a glucoside contained in the poisonous mushroom Amanita phalloides can act as an antigen.

The complement fixation test is like a Wassermann reaction, but the antigen should be polyvalent.

It is not apparent that the nature of the antigen would affect Ehrlichs theory of the formation of antibodies.

If amboceptors as antigen are injected into an animal there will be formed by the animals cells antiamboceptors.

The substance within the introduced cell which acts as a stimulus (antigen) to the body cells is called an agglutinogen.