Antinomies [noun]

Definition of Antinomies:

obstruction, antagonism

Opposite/Antonyms of Antinomies:

Sentence/Example of Antinomies:

It is even sought to reconcile the antinomy of freedom vs. God's foreknowledge.

It is a mighty antinomy indeed, on a scale adapted to Tolstoy's giant imagination.

But, for the most part, this unfortunate antinomy in the sciences is connected with their historical development.

Now, one day M. Hadamard came to see me and the talk fell upon this antinomy.

After having set forth the antinomy we have called Richard's antinomy, he gives its explanation.

It has happened to each king of Prussia since that time to perform some colossal task, grounded in an irreducible antinomy.

Here again we have the antinomy which surprises us in Voltaire and the Voltairian of yesterday.

But he believes that there exists a sort of intellectual antinomy between complete intellectual development and bodily love.

The antinomy is one of the most disquieting that the philosophic mind has to deal with.

For here we transfer the antinomy from thought to conduct; from inner perception to one Being's actual experience.