Antipathies [noun]

Definition of Antipathies:

strong dislike, disgust

Synonyms of Antipathies:

Opposite/Antonyms of Antipathies:

Sentence/Example of Antipathies:

Australia experienced the sharpest spike in antipathy, with 81% of respondents saying they view China unfavorably, up 24 percentage points from last year.

Houses innumerable had been built for it on deck, but the sagacious animal had a rooted antipathy to restraint.

He did not appear to notice the half-outstretched hand, and Dick felt as though there was an instinctive antipathy between them.

In the new Parliament that antipathy amounted almost to a mania.

From this you can conclude that if you are antipathetic to me, this antipathy proceeds fundamentally from myself.

National antipathy operated on some minds, religious antipathy on others.

He had seen him only at rare intervals, and always with a sensation of dislike which amounted to a physical antipathy.

This feeling of antipathy to alien workmen may be traced from the reign of Richard II.

Although Chopin does not go so far, he is by no means free from this national antipathy.

The opinions which the two artists had of each other and the degree of their mutual sympathy and antipathy may be easily guessed.