Antipodes [noun]

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I am out of conceit with England just now; and would far rather have gone to the Antipodes.

The voyage was much longer than a voyage to the Antipodes now is; and the adventurers suffered much.

Alexander had chosen an envoy who was the very antipodes of the adroit and elegant Caulaincourt.

Here we are in his house; and he driven away to lay his sly old bones at the Antipodes.

The Countess had in the course of time poetized, as I may say, a thing which is at the antipodes to poetry—a manufacture.

A person sailing to our Antipodes westward will lose twelve hours; by sailing thither eastward he will gain twelve hours.

A point diametrically opposed to another is called its antipodes.

They have, too, their antipodes—it is night here and sunshine there.

He however made the objection, that these antipodes would necessarily fall off.

Said I not a minute ago, that the antipodes live not around the world, but around the street corner?