Antiquarians [noun]

Definition of Antiquarians:

one who collects specimens

Synonyms of Antiquarians:

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Sentence/Example of Antiquarians:

They may be of great interest to antiquarians and historians; but by myself, I candidly admit, they were not much valued.

Down this we crawled, with an antiquarians eagerness, our guide politely allowing us to go first.

The Brons and the Neeblings had been the true antiquarians of the world.

Insomuch that he was one of the greatest antiquarians of the age.

A consensus of the opinions of antiquarians is that the Swastika had no foothold among the Egyptians.

The forest looms large and terrible in the works of classical writers and German antiquarians.

Enquiries were sent to the antiquarians of the Academy of Inscriptions in that matter.

Now the house is also a Mozart Museum, with much of interest for admirers of the composer, antiquarians and students.

Volterra and its Etruscan lore and pottery have ever been a source of pride among Italian antiquarians.

But we see amongst ourselves how great works are ascribed to the devil or to the Romans by antiquarians.